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Optical Fibre 1U 4 Slot Modular Sliding Patch Panel

The 1U 4 slot modular sliding patch panel has been designed to accommodate up to four plug and play modules, which can support up to 96 fibre connections. Two module sizes are available, half size supporting 12 fibres per module and full size supporting 24 fibres per module, the panel can accept up to 8 half modules and up to 4 full size modules.

There are two M20 and two M25 slotted cable knockouts and cable tie retention points at the rear of the panel to allow for fast and secure incoming cable installation. The modular and space saving design of this solution enables it to be used in a variety of applications including datacentres.

24F Module
Full Blank
12F Module


Up to 4 LC/MPO/MTP modules in 1U

Multiple adaptor options available

Maximum capacity 96 connections

Modular solution

Accepts loose tube, distribution and pre-terminated cables

Reach / SVHC compliant

Fits standard 19" cabinet

Half Blank
MTP Adaptor Plate

Pre Assembled Modules: 
Pre assembled modules and adaptor plates can be populated with a range of adaptor types and colours. As standard the following colours are available;  Blue(OS2), Aqua (OM3), Erika Violet (OM4), Beige (Multimode).

1x OS2 12F MTP to 6LC Duplex (Half Size)

1x MM 12F MTP to 6LC Duplex (Half Size)

1x OM3 12F MTP to 6LC Duplex (Half Size)

1x OM4 12F MTP to 6LC Duplex (Half Size)

1x OS2 24F MTP to 12LC Duplex (Full Size)

1x MM 24F MTP to 12LC Duplex (Full Size)

1x OM3 24F MTP to 12LC Duplex (Full Size)

1x OM4 24F MTP to 12LC Duplex (Full Size)

Adaptor Plate Options:


Adaptor Plate Frame Holder Options: 1U/2U

1 x SM 6 x MTP

1 x SM 12F (6 LC Duplex)

1 x SM 24F (12 LC Duplex)

1 x SM 12F (6 x SC Duplex)

1 x SM 12F (12 x FC)

1 x MM 6 x MTP

1 x MM 12F (6 LC Duplex)

1 x MM 24F (12 LC Duplex)

1 x MM12F (12 x SC Duplex)

MTP/MPO cable assemblies can be manufactured
to your desired length and fibre count.

MTP trunk cable

MTP to LC fan-out cable

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