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6U Pivoting Tray, Rear Mount System - Matrix Global Networks

4U/6U Pivoting Tray, Rear Mount System

This rear mounting Optical Distribution Frame (ODF) comprising multiple 1U Rear Mount Patch Panels utilises a pivoting tray design, with patch cord mandrels fitted to the right of the trays. It is ideally suited for 19’’ or ETSI racks with either rear or front fitting mounts. When combined with Cable Break Out units, it provides flexible cabling access. The modular 4u or 6u Optical Sub Racks are an expandable frame concept with integrated cable management to provide a future proof design. Fibres are protected at all times and patch cord routing carefully controlled.

4U/6U Way Optical Sub Unit - Pivoting Tray, Rear Mount Back Plate


Standard Kits Include

12 way splice cassette (up to 3 including 1 lid)

24 x 45mm splice protectors (60mm available on request)

Cable ties, saddles clips, laser warning label

Cage nuts and fixings

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