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48 Port HD Panel Information

48 Port HD Panel

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Slim Hybrid Construction

Patch Panel HD EL ISO

In today's densely populated world, space is crucial in every aspect. R&M constantly thrives to help customers with products and solutions which address those circumstances. Our focus was on a very economic, lightweight yet stable copper patch panel that uses as little space as possible. Not only data centre will benefit from gaining space but also an office cabling environment

The R&M HD ELISO patch panel will hold up to 48 Cat. 6A EL, Cat. 6A or FO adapters. Our hybrid construction allows for

outstanding handling properties in an extremely stable frame. Get to know the features in more detail on the following pages.

Patch Panel HD EL ISO

Re-usable Cable Guides

Patch Panel HD Cable Guide

An innovative way of a re-usable cable guide is available as an option to be mounted on your integrated strain relieve bar.

This allows for greater flexibility if it comes to cable layout in your rack or simply to maintain it faster. The cable guide hugely improves cable handling mover, add and changes in tightly populated racks. This might be crucial in DC environments using pre-assembled trunk cables. The only provision is to have your cables strain-relieved in the rack.

Patch Panel HD EL ISO Cable Guide

FO - Capability

Sometimes it might be beneficial to have options for fibre optics and RJ45 in the same patch panel. A special FO adapter available is the solution. It simply clicks into the same fixation points as the copper modules and holds LC duplex and SC simplex adapters. In this way, the panel can also be used for the occasional     pre-assembled or field terminable fibres. This saves investments in separate panels and space.

Adaptor frame special LC
Adaptor frame special LC
Adaptor frame special SC
Adaptor frame special SC

Labelling, Marking and Security

HD EL ISO Patch Panel close up
HD EL ISO Patch Panel
PC Coding Clip

Labels keep you informed and help to keep the overview during operation. Optional label holders can be attached for this purpose. Moreover, intelligent mini holes provide access for a number of colour marking items or safety plug frames to prevent unwanted unplugging. These latter options might be especially helpful in meet me rooms or public buildings where several people have access to the infrastructure. They help to reduce human operation errors and therefore improve network downtime.

PC Coding Clip
HD Hinged Dust Cover
HD Hinged dust cover
HD Plug Guards
HD Plug Guard
Label Holder HD - Matrix Global Networks
Label Holder HD
R&M InteliPhy - Matrix

R&M inteliPhy and other accessories

blind cover global white / Matrix Global Networks

Additional accessories include blind covers and our electronic infrastructure management system the R&MinteliPhy. The R&MinteliPhy sensor bar can easily be attached on every panel even during operation. For more information on our electronic infrastructure management system please visit our website.

blind cover global black - Matrix Global Networks
Blind Cover global, white
Blind Cover, global, black
r&m intelPhy Bar - Matrix Global Networks
R&MinteliPhy Bar
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