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RJ45 connection module Cat6A EL with 90° cable exit

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The handy Cat6A EL module from R&M is suitable for unusual installation situations

With the Cat. 6A connection technology, installers are making structured cabling fit for the increasing demands of local data networks and for 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Unfortunately a lot of offices and buildings do not have sufficient space for textbook-compliant cabling installations. Modern connection technology often has to be accommodated in narrow ducts and tight outlet back-boxes. Then special solutions have to be found fast during installation.

For just such cases, R&M offers an inexpensive addition to the popular Cat. 6A EL module: the 90° cable exit. The 90° solution is an accessory that can be added in a flash: All the installer has to do is snap it on to the familiar Cat. 6A EL module.

Using the 90° cable exit, installers can avoid kinking cables in outlet back-boxes and, as a result, reduce negative effects of the installation on the LAN. Further typical areas of use are small floor tanks and narrow conduits. Inside the 90° cable exit the twisted pairs are guided in a well-defined way ensuring stable signal quality. This means the module is perfect for 10 GbE transmission in such demanding circumstances, too.

90° cable exit RJ45 connection module
RJ45 Module with 90° cable exit Cat6A EL
CAT6a EL with 90° with cable exit RJ45 module

The Cat. 6A EL range from R&M is designed for the fast roll out of structured cabling systems. An installer can intuitively wire the RJ45 connection module without any special tools in under a minute. IDCs automatically contact the wires when the cover is closed.

Whereas in the past, several days way have been needed to set up a network distributor with structured cabling systems, it now takes just hours with the Cat. 6A EL. Network installation becomes even more efficient with the convenient EL termination tool . The ergonomically shaped tool is used to terminate the wire guide.

The Cat. 6A EL module is available

  • shielded (STP) in the die-cast version and

  • unshielded (UTP) in the plastic version.

CAT6a EL Shielded Connection Module
Cat6a EL unshielded connecton module

The special plastic suppresses crosstalk between the wires (Alien NEXT). The module terminates installation cables with solid and flexible wires of all common diameters (AWG 26 to AWG 22) according to the system 568A or 568B. It is compatible with the R&M cabling and security systems and tolerant of connectors made by other manufacturers.

With its angled cable exit, the Cat. 6A EL module is perfect for unusual installation situations and particularly narrow outlets, small floor tanks and tight conduits. Kinking cables uncontrolled inside the outlet or conduit – which was often the only way out of a sticky situation to date – can now be avoided.

Get more

  • Intuitive termination in just a few steps

  • Integrated strain relief, automatic shield termination

  • Installation does not need any specialist knowledge or special tools

  • Compatible with all cable types and diameters


  • RJ45 Cat. 6A copper connectivity technology

  • Class EA permanent links, channels compliant with ISO/IEC 11801

  • Structured cabling systems, LAN

  • Wall ducts, data outlets, raised floor and GOP boxes

  • Network distributors

  • Home cabling, home networks

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