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Cat 8.1 Permanent Link

Category 8.1 Permanent Link

LAN and Data Centre approved

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Next Generation network components for LAN as well as Data Centre applications.
Prepared for tomorrow's needs in various environments.

Key Features

Based on R&M's iF award-winning Cat. 6A design a new jack is ready – Cat. 8.1. High speed in an installer friendly setup and improved design to ensure maximum permanent link performance.

2 in 1 : Angled or Straight

Cat 8.1 Angled or Straight

For limited space the assembly block can be used for 90° angled assembly of conventional straight connection.

2 in 1 : angled or straight

Wire Cutting Blade

Cat 8.1 Wire Cutting Blade

Our innovative wire cutting blade makes sure every wire is cut successfully and avoids contact so power of PoE applications take no detour.

Wire Cutting Blade

3 Speed Zones for LAN

Cat 8.1 3 Speed Zones for LAN

A well balanced chamber system and optimised HF performance allows your LAN to be designed in 3 zones: 24m/40GB/s, 50m/25GB/s and 90m/10GB/s.

3 Speed Zones for LAN

Easy Assembly

Cat 8.1 Easy Assembly

Clear indication for T568A/T568B wiring diagram and a comfortable tool, which offers comfort by closing of all 4 lids simultaneously and a press to mount back to front.

Easy Assembly


Applications such as End of Row or Top of Rack are common for Cat 8.1. However, Cat 8.1 is well suitable and thoughtful in modern, future oriented office buildings as well. Convince yourself.

Cat 8.1 Overview


Our youngest member in a line up of all available modules - 40GB marks the top edge of performance.

Cat 8.1 Speed Zones

Speed Zones

Three zones depending on length for future proof installations of WLAN, 4k/8k UHD applications and more to come.

Speed Zones
Cat 8.1 24M Zone

24m Zone

Use case with one telecom room shows 30% of work space and 75% of WAP are covered in 24m/40G 

24m Zone
Cat 8.1 50m Zone

50m Zone

...and 95% of work space as well as 100% of WAP are within the 50m/25G range. Only a few work spaces are left in the 10GB area.

50m Zone
Cat 8.1 Two Telecom Rooms

Two Telecom Rooms

However, if two telecom rooms are available 58% of work space and 100% of WAP are within the 24m/40G range whereas 100% of work space is in the 50m/25G range.

Two Telecom Rooms

Your most important benefits:

Proven Design

  • Well known by installers and based on iF award-winning design

  • Easy handling, no special tool required


  • Fully backward compatible RJ45 interface

  • Various adapters for outlets and patch panels available

  • Easy migration from 10G to 25G and 40G

Future LAN application

  • One single jack for three different speed zones puts your mind at ease

  • Forward investment for applications to come (e.g. multi WLAN APs)

  • 4PPoE ready

Cat 8.1 Permanent  Link Brochure

Cat 8.1 Permanent link Brochure

RJ45 Cat 8 White Paper

Cat 8.1 Permanent link White Paper

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