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Zettonics, is a manufacturer of the latest, most innovative, physical layer optical fibre management solutions. Our focus on customers enables us to have a good understanding of their needs, which in turn leads to us developing specific solutions. The feedback we receive is incorporated into product development, quality assurance, and process optimization, and projects are completed quickly and efficiently.

Designed to benefit you:

  • Commercially designed - include the features you require

  • Modular & scalable, designed for flexibility 

  • Ease of installation and patching, minimising disturbance 

  • Designed for flexibility 

  • Standards compliant 

  • Base 8 compatible 

  • Fast lead times 

  • Competitive pricing 

  • Rapid UK design, prototyping, manufacturing and assembly 

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The Zettonics​ modular system are designed for all data centre and enterprise network applications, easy to handle and fast to install.  With tool-less installation and one click latching technology, Zettonics cassettes can be inserted and removed from both the front and the rear. They can be housed in either 1U or 2U chassis, or even 0U housings. They are designed for quick and efficient network installation using Zettonics MTP®/MPO trunk cables and patch cords.

The retrofittable front and rear cable management provides a neat routing of patch cords for securing and managing trunks and back bone cabling. Sizes are available to suit both 1U and 2U chassis.

The recently renewed 1U and 2U front door now come with an internal labelling strip and neodymium magnets that easily secure the door to the front cable management. This also allows complete removal of the door for improved accessibility during installation or re-work. 


Contact Matrix Global Networks today to discover more about the Zettonics solutions.

Tel: +44 (0) 1908 951000


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