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Fast Fibre Enhanced Pre-Terminated Solutions

Suitable for the most demanding data centre, LAN and campus applications

Data Centre Fast Fibre Enhanced


  • Made with high performance connectors to achieve premium optical performance

  • Supplied with individual test result and optional Fluke, visual inspection and interferometer results for complete peace of mind for end face cleanliness, defect and end face geometry compliance

  • Available as 900µm or 2mm tails

  • Made to measure to your requirements.


  • High strength pulling features

  • Cost effective option

  • Manufactured to industry standards

  • Cleaned and pre-tested before deployment

  • Fast installation

  • No special tools, training or consumables required onsite.

Ideal Applications 

  • For internal and external use, in data centre LAN or campus networks

  • Can be used in cable trays / conduits

  • Suitable for use between data centre cabinets, zone halls or floors.

Did you know?

You can choose fibre tails with staggered or fan out configurations

Fastfibre Pre Terminated Fan Out

Fan out

Fastfibre Pre-Terminated Staggered


Pre-Terminated Data Centre

There are two ways to specify the length of a Fast Fibre pre-Terminated assembly, please note that the gland to gland measurement is used by default, unless otherwise specified on your order.

Overall length of Preterm Gland to Gland

Overall length of Preterm Tip to Tip

LC, SC, FC, ST, E2000 (UPC or APC) connectors options are available for you to choose from to create the Pre-Terminated solution you require. All Pre-Terminated solutions are manufactured to exacting international standards and quality processes.

Fast Facts for

Fast Fibre Enhanced Pre-terminated Solutions

  • Premium Installation Packaging - superior installation protection and pulling features

  • Installation guide

  • Individual connector results

  • Optional Fluke Networks and end face test reports available upon request

  • Ideally suited to duct installation

  • Wide range of connector and cable types available to suit your application.

  • Interferometer report also available

Technical Specification

Fibre Type Options OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS2 (G652D) (657A optional)

Cable Specification Options Tight Buffered, Loose Tube, SWA, CST or Breakout cables

Connectors Options LC, SC, ST, FC, E2000 (UPC or APC)

Individual test results:

Standard insertion loss: ≤ 0.15db (Max)

Standard insertion loss: ≤ 0.07db (Typ)

Standard average return loss: (SM): ≥ - 50db (UPC)

Standard average return loss: (SM): ≥ - 65db (APC)

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