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Slim and Universal: The New DRM45 DIN Rail Adaptor

More network connections with higher packing density

DRM45 Din Rail Adaptor
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DIN rail adapter DRM45 1TE is suitable for mounting on carrier rail TH35 according to DIN EN 60715 in electrical distributors for domestic and industrial installations. The width of 1TE enables the installation of up to 12 devices in a standard distributor. Since more and more services have to be integrated into the structured building cabling and the space requirement is usually already exhausted, increased use can be achieved with the new DRM45 1TE (18mm).


  • High mechanical stability

  • Very compact

  • High packing density (Up to 12 pcs. in standard distributor)

  • Can be fitted with modules / coupler and FO adapter in assembled condition

  • Front module unlocking

  • Screen front can be activated or deactivated

  • Shield spring captive

  • Colored marking with hinged dust cover

  • RJ45 connection protection HD Plug Guard RJ45

  • Label with paper strips

C6A EL Shielded & Unshielded
C6A EL Unshielded
Cat6A EL Shielded
C6A ISO Shielded & Unshielded
Cat6A ISO Shielded
C6A ISO Unshielded
FO - Adaptor (SC/E2000/LC-Duplex
FO - Adaptor (SC/E2000/LC-Duplex
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