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Fast Fibre Pre-Terminated Solutions

Optimised for direct installation into indoor trays or trunking in data centres

FastFibre Pre-Terminated Solutions


  • Lightweight for easier installation and reduced transportation cost

  • Minimal packaging i.e no pulling sock/eye to cut and remove

  • Available with 900μm or 2mm ruggedised staggered or fan-out tails

  • Made to measure to your requirements

  • Typically supplied on tight buffered fibre cable.


  • Cost effective improved project ROI

  • Fast installation

  • Minimal packaging to remove and dispose

  • Manufactured to industry standards

  • Cleaned and pre-tested before deployment

  • No specialist tools, training or consumables required on site.

Ideal Applications Indoor

  • Data centre, LAN or campus networks

  • Fast Installation into cable plastic or metal containment

  • Secure installation into patch panels or wall boxes with supplied cable that retains cable

  • Easy Installation into optical distribution frames.

Did you know?

You can choose fibre tails with staggered or fan out configurations

FastFibre tails fan out

Fan out

FastFibre tails staggered


FastFibre pre-term

There are two ways to specify the length of a Fast Fibre pre-Terminated assembly, please note that the gland to gland measurement is used by default, unless otherwise specified on your order.

Overall length of Preterm Gland to Gland

Overall length of Preterm Tip to Tip

LC, SC, FC, ST connectors options are available for you to choose from to create the Pre-Terminated solution you require. All Pre-Terminated solutions are manufactured to exacting international standards and quality processes.

Fast Facts for

Fast Fibre Pre-terminated Solutions

  • Fast and efficient installation

  • Lowest installed cost

  • Low weight and compact packaging

  • Supplied with installation guide and test certificate

  • Ideally suited to indoor data centre, LAN or campus networks

  • Typically manufactured using tight buffered fibre cable (other cable types available).

Technical Specification

Fibre Type Options OM1, OM2, OM3, OM4 and OS2 (G652D)

Cable Specification Options Tight Buffered, Loose Tube or Breakout cables are optional

Connectors Options LC, SC, St, FC (UPC)

Individual test results:

Standard average insertion loss: ≤ 0.375db

Standard average return loss: SM ≥ - 45db

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