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FastFibre FSPL-AF Fusion Splicer

Fastfibre Fusion Splicer - FSPL-AF

The FSPL-AF FastFibre splicer has been ergonomically designed for fast and efficient operation with a splicing time of just eight seconds. The unit also includes a high-resolution LCD monitor, powerful Li-ion battery for longer operation capacity.

  • Core-to-Core alignment

  • Compact & light weight

  • 8 second splice time

  • Applicable for fibres, cables and SOC (splice-on connector)

  • Integrated holder design

  • Fully-automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation

  • Shockproof, drop resistant

  • Power saving function

  • 4.3 inch colour LCD monitor

  • USB & DC interface

  • Multi-function transit case with integrated workstation


Cleaver Open
FastFibre Cleaver

Simple Cleaving Mechanism

Single or Ribbon Cleaving

16 Position Blade

Scrap Collector Included

Fastfibre Splicer Detailed

Auto Heater, For Faster Operation

and Power Saving

Dustproof / Wind Protector

4.3 Inch Screen

High Precision Ceramic Clamps

3d Key Button Design

Built-in Li-Ion Battery with

300 Splices/Shrinks Per Charge.

fastfibre fusion splicer kit

 New FastFibre Fusion Splicer.

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