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Fusion Splicer

Introducing the FASTFIBRE FSPL-AF200 Fusion Splicer

The FSPL-AF-200 FastFibre splicer has been ergonomically designed for fast and efficient operation with a splicing time of just eight seconds. The unit also features a high-resolution, full colour LCD monitor and rechargeable Li-ion battery for longer operation on-site.

Key Features
  • Core-to-core alignment

  • Compact and lightweight

  • 8 second splice time

  • Fully automatic, semi-automatic and manual operation

  • Shockproof and drop resistant

  • 4.3 inch full colour LCD monitor

  • USB interface

  • Applicable for fibres, cables and splice-on connectors

  • Removable/replaceable Li-ion battery for longer operation

  • Fast and efficient splice heater - 20 seconds

  • Stores up to 200 pictures of splices

Kit Includes
  • FSPL-AF-200 Fusion Splicer

  • Hard Carry Case

  • Fibre Cleaver

  • Cooling Tray

  • Electrodes

  • Cable Stripper

  • Tri-hole Stripper

  • Charging Cable

  • Clip On/Off Carry Handle

  • Clip On/Off Shoulder Strap

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