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Fluke upgrade offers

Versiv 2 - Optifibre Pro - Certifibre Pro

Looking to

trade up?

DSX-5000 Versiv2
Certifiber Pro Versiv 2
Optifiber Pro Versiv 2
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Grab an exclusive trade-in offer

DTX 1800 Trade Up
DSX Trade Up

Trade-in any working DTX-1800 and claim the value towards your new tester.


Easy steps to claim your Matrix exclusive offer...

Step 1 - Get a Quote

Step 2 - Place your order

Step 3 - Return your old equipment

Fluke Trade Up

**Trade-in bonuses are applicable on a new Fluke DSX5000, CFP and OFP as stated when trading in any working tester, other working manufacturers testers would be considered towards the trade-in bonus, please contact your Matrix account manager.

The price quoted is based on the condition and accessories you provided, and is subject to equipment being inspected and verified. The trade-in item must be in full working order to qualify for the bonus, Offers end 15.09.2019.

This trade in promotion is exclusive to Matrix Global Networks Ltd and may not be used or combined with any other promotion or special discounts. Matrix Global Networks reserves the right to remove trade-in offer applicable items at any time.

Offer applies to the following models - CFP-MM-ADD, CFP-Q-ADD, CFP2-100-M-INT, CFP2-100-Q-INT, OFP-MM, OFP-Q-ADD, OFP2-100-M-INT, DSX2-5000/GLD INT, DSX2-5000QI/G INT, DSX5000-INT, DSX-5000QI INT

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