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Our fibre optic testers make everyone an expert. That’s because we’ve set new standards for ease-of-use, with eight patents. granted, and six pending. These include our EventMap™ that allows anyone to quickly spot a fibre failure without looking at a trace, a reference-setting wizard that eliminates “negative loss” errors or the ability to move seamlessly from a view of a complete MPO endface to an individual fibre. Our Versiv™ platform brings copper and fibre testing together in one easy user interface and the same LinkWare™ reporting software. And while they aren’t patented, our Technical Assistance Team is there to back you up with over 150 years of experience and a 97% customer satisfaction rating. Best of all, you can get all of this at prices within reach of everyone. Check out the eligible models and offers below, then contact your local reseller or Fluke Networks representative for details.




on Selected Fibre Products

Promotion valid from 3rd February through to 26th September 2020

Up to 29%


Up to 38%


Up to 26%


Up to 29%


Up to 23%


Discounts available on these models until 26th September, 2020:

  • OFP2-100-Q – OptiFiber Pro Quad (MM+SM) OTDR 28% Off - Download PDF here

  • OFP2-200-S1490 – OptiFiber Pro SM (1490 nm) OTDR – 34% Off - Download PDF here

  • OFP2-200-S1625 – OptiFiber Pro SM (1310, 1550, 1625 nm) OTDR – 38% Off - Download PDF here

  • OFP-Q-ADD – OptiFiber Pro Quad (MM+SM) Add-On Kit – 37% Off - Download PDF here

  • FI2-7000 – FiberInspector Pro Single with Versiv Mainframe – 12% Off - Download PDF here

  • FI2-7300 – FiberInspector Pro Single / MPO with Versiv Mainframe – 29% Off - Download PDF here

  • FI-3000 – FiberInspector Pro Single/MPO Inspection Camera for Versiv, iOS or Android – 28% Off - Download PDF here

  • CFP2-100-Q – CertiFiber Pro Quad MM+SM OLTS – 13% Off - Download PDF here

  • CFP-Q-ADD – CertiFiber Pro Quad MM+SM Module Set – 26% Off - Download PDF here

  • CFP2-Q-ADD-R – CertiFiber Pro Quad MM+SM Module Set and Remote – 21% Off - Download PDF here

  • DSX2-8000-Qi – Cat 8 Copper Certification, Fibre inspection & OLTS MM/SM – 17% Off - Download PDF here

  • DSX2-8000-QOI – Same as above + Quad MM+SM OTDR – 23% Off - Download PDF here

  • DSX2-8000-PRO – Same as above plus a complete kit of accessories - 15% Off - Download PDF here

  • DSX2-5000-Qi – Cat 6A Copper Certification, Fibre inspection & OLTS MM/SM – 19% Off - Download PDF here

Discounts also available for kits including Gold support.

Discounts on selected items refer to Fluke Networks recommended GBP list price from 15th December.

Call us now for further discounts.

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