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Peace of mind from the people that know your Fluke Networks equipment best.

Maximize ROI. Minimize Risk.

You’ve made an investment in the best equipment in the industry. Protect your investment and limit unplanned downtime and costs with the best custom-built maintenance program.

Membership in Fluke Networks’ Gold program provides expanded product coverage and support to ensure you get the most out of your investment.

3 Year Gold Membership

3-Year Gold Membership provides a 10% discount off current  Gold pricing along with 3-year price protection.

Gold Membership is available for most Fluke Networks products  bundled with the product as well for ease of ordering.

What’s included with Gold Membership?

fluke gold membership table 1

*Applies to accessories included in the original product bundle
**Available in certain geographies (please schedule 4-6 weeks in advance)

The economic case for Gold is clear when comparing the cost of Gold to the cost of the individual services it replaces. Make your investment count with Gold!

Fluke Gold Table

Note: Approximate cost as price varies depending on model, accessory, shipping location, etc.


Calibration with Loaner Units

Don’t risk rejection of results by using an out-of-calibration tester. Gold support includes one calibration and factory refresh per year at no charge at one of thirteen worldwide Authorized Fluke Service Centers. And by scheduling your  calibration in advance (six weeks recommended), you’ll  receive a loaner unit, eliminating any downtime (available  
in most regions).  

Your units will be precisely calibrated to factory specifications (traceable calibration certificate provided – calibration data is available at additional charge) using the full battery of proprietary Fluke Networks test procedures, adjusted/repaired as necessary with genuine repair parts, software and firmware updates applied. Typical turnaround time for a calibration is ten working days. If a loaner is not required or calibration cannot be scheduled in advance, Gold customers may opt to instead receive a shipping waybill plus Gold priority, for reduced turnaround time.

Repair with Loaner Units

Unlimited, no-hassle, no-charge repair services including labor, parts and shipping with Gold priority. A loaner unit
or replacement unit will be provided during  
repair to minimize downtime.

Discounts and Members-Only Promotions

Special discounts may be offered to Gold customers on new products, enhancements and used demo equipment.

Parts and accessories that shipped with your unit and have been qualified as defective or faulty by our technical  assistance center will be replaced free of charge during the term of your Gold membership.

Technical Support
Unlimited 24/7 technical expertise with local language  support. Gold members are provided with direct members- only priority phone numbers to our world-class Technical  Assistance Centers (TAC).

Easy Access to Gold Entitlements
Upon purchase, your company will receive a unique Gold Membership Number and PIN for secure access to your online Gold account

Fluke Gold Group
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