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Celebrating 30 Years of Fluke Networks with huge savings on copper and fibre testers

"No Fuss. Just Savings".

How does it work?

No fuss means no hoops for you to jump through to get the deals - saving on new testers doesn’t get any easier.


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Resolve and prevent your network issues today with Copper testers from Fluke Networks.

It is common for companies to expect their twisted pair cabling to operate flawlessly. However, cutting corners during design, installation, or testing causes downtime which costs them resources and revenue. This can be avoided by cable installers that are capable of installing standards compliant copper cabling systems and have the capability to locate faults quickly.


All the way to Cat. 8 cabling that can support the transmission of data up to 40Gbps over balanced twisted-pair copper cabling, Fluke Networks is the industry’s most trusted partner for cable testing.


The DSX CableAnalyzer™ cable testers provide accurate, error-free certification even in complex projects where multiple teams are involved in the testing process, with varying media types and multiple testing requirements.


The DSX is built on our Versiv™ modular design that supports copper certification, fibre optic loss, OTDR testing and fibre end-face inspection in one.


Accelerate every step of your Fibre Certification with Fluke Networks.


Fibre optics is the preferred media type for mission-critical links between data centres, backbones within buildings, and networks serving campuses over longer distances. It is increasingly preferred in the marketplace for use with innovative technologies that are required to support exploding bandwidth demands.


As a result, the need for fibre testing and certification has grown at a substantial rate. Fibres have proven to be a cost-effective and reliable transmission medium, but they are susceptible to contamination and link damage. It can be time consuming and resource-intensive to narrow down the cause of failure. CertiFibre Pro provides you with an optical loss test set with the fastest time to certify. 


Our ProjX™ management system ensures all jobs are completed correctly and efficiently and the optical loss test set provides automatic Pass/Fail analysis to industry standards or custom test limits. Both DSX and CertiFibre are compatible with Linkware™ Live cloud-based service and customers can quickly and easily create professional custom PDF reports with LinkWare™ PC.

Fluke Networks Gold Support Program

If you purchase a bundle that includes Fluke Networks Gold program, you will have an advantage since we want to give our Gold customers something extra (see details of our Gold program here)

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