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FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro

End-face contamination is a leading cause of fibre failures. Dirt and contaminants cause insertion loss and back-reflection that inhibits optical transmission and causes havoc with transceivers. Fibre loss and OTDR testing can expose this problem, but in many cases, dirty connections make fibre testing time consuming and inaccurate.

Since dirt can be an issue before, during, or after fibre optic certification testing, and migrate from one end-face to another upon mating, both sides of any connection must always be cleaned and inspected.

Further, mating contaminated connectors can cause permanent damage as microscopic debris is crushed

between end-faces in physical contact. Even factory terminated patch cords or pigtails must be inspected

as protective caps do not keep fibre optic connector end-faces clean. Avoiding this common cause of failure, starts with inspecting the fibre optic connector end-face and eliminating any contamination before insertion into a bulkhead or piece of equipment.

The FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro is a fibre optic inspection scope that allows you to inspect and certify end-faces in 2 seconds so you can get the job done the first time. This fibre optic inspection scope provides automated PASS/FAIL certification taking the guess work out of fibre inspection so anyone can be a fibre expert.

FiberInspector Pro Module
  • Automated Pass/Fail certification of fibre optic connector end-faces

  • Graphical indication of problem areas due to contamination, pits, chips, and scratches

  • Certify to industry standards—IEC 61300-3-35

  • Eliminate human subjectivity from end-face measurements

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