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In the new world of intelligent buildings, the number of devices 
that will be connected AND powered via IP will grow exponentially.
New developments such as the digital ceiling, will drive this growth.

Fluke Networks is ready to provide you all the cable testing and certification tools you

need helping you assess:

• Is the installed cable of good quality?

• Is the installation compliant with industry standards?

• Does the installation meet Resistance Unbalance requirements?

• Does the modular plug terminated link (MPTL), the link that is terminated with

a plug instead of jack enabling a direct connection to the PoE device, meet their requirements?

• Are the cable and connectors constructed properly (wiremap, length, and warnings)?

• Is the PoE device connected to a switch (up to 10 GBps)?

• Is the Switch configured to provide enough power (Class # and available power)?

Free Intellitone Probe*) with MicroScanner PoE

MS-PoE displays the available PoE class (0-8) from

802.3at, .3af and .3bt devices, and voltage from

passive PoE sources. Available services (up to

10G), cable length, wiremap, cable ID, Intellitone

toning, and distance to fault are also provided.

SYNC LED lights up green when the probe is

receiving the IntelliTone signal from the MS-PoE,

helping you identify cables in bundles or patch

panel ports.

Intellitone Pro 200 Probe

*) Model MT-8200-63A, value € 165. Promotion valid in the European Union countries, UK,

Switzerland and Norway for purchases made between September 1 and December 15, 2020.

Get Ready to Certify that Networks Comply with the

Standards Requirements for PoE and Upgrade Your Old

non-Compliant Cable Tester to a DSX CableAnalyzerTM

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