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New LC Connector from R&M for High Packing Density

Push-pull mechanism of the LC-QR enables denser packing in the rack / Polarity change of wiring possible on site

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Wetzikon, November 22, 2016. R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for top-quality and highly efficient network infrastructures, is launching a new variant of the LC fibre-optic connector onto the data center cabling market. The LC-QR was designed to suit a particularly high concentration of network connections and simple operation. QR stands for QuickRelease.

Most conventional LCs are unlocked via a clip on the back of the plug. This mechanism restricts packing density in the patch panels. A gap must be maintained between the plugs or adaptors so that the clip is accessible and to enable unlocking.
The new LC-QR connector from R&M, on the other hand, has a push-pull mechanism integrated into the housing. It can be operated via the rear and the user no longer has to grasp right to the front of the connector. Furthermore the LC-QR can be locked and unlocked via the boot, and connectors and adaptors can be packed more closely.
As a result, R&M has further developed the patch panels as well. New Ultra High Density (UHD) platforms are coming onto the market at the same time as the LC-QR. 360 ports for 720 fibres can be accommodated on three height units (3U). As a uniboot version for   1.4mm or 2.0mm cables, the new plug is the perfect solution for the reliable handling of this huge quantity of cables. Furthermore, R&M will soon be able to provide appropriate versions for configuration with figure “8” and figure “0” cables.

R&M's LC-QR can also be converted from A-B to A-A in just a few simple steps. This makes ordering and storage easier. You only need one type to enable configuration of both types of wiring on site. R&M has designed the LC-QR so that the polarity can be changed on-site, even with tuned plugs and the APC version.

New (QR) LC Connector
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