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Netscale 72

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Features and Advantages

Netscale 72 provides a single platform with best-in-class density, Base-8 and Base-12 fibre solutions for building large spine and leaf data centre networks. It offers RFID-based automated port documentation and visual guidance of work orders.


Some applications require Base-12 fibre infrastructure, others require Base-8. Each system needs ist own panel hardware. This wastes valuable rack space. Netscale 72 allows for both technologies to be implemented in the same housing.

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Simplicity with only one platform for Base-12 and Base-8 

Best-in-Class density with 72 ports per U for 100 % fibre utilization

Automated documentation and visual guidance of patch work orders thanks to inteliPhy

Split tray feature allows each half of the tray to be pulled out independently

Superior patch cord management

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