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Coding "A" for RJ45 Connectors - P/N 25432 / Matrix Global Networks

Coding "A" for RJ45 Connectors - P/N 25432

Colour code: blue, red, green, anthracite. Suitable for RJ45 patch cords.

Coding for RJ45 connector, basic colour anthracite.

Consisting of coding clip, middle element and housing. This coding for RJ45 connectors fits into the coding system Data Safe Lock, protecting electronics and networks against damage and disturbances. The coding provides a mechanical and a visual coding option and can be retrofitted to all Data Safe Lock-capable connection components. In addition, the coding can serve as strain relief for connection cables. This individual mechanical coding with individual colour fields effectively prevents that different services be connected by mistake. Suitable for standard RJ45 connectors. Can be adapted to certain connector types with the supplied middle element.

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