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Dome Closure with new Seal for Fibre Optic Networks

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SYNO dome closure by R&M for up to 1,152 splice connections

R&M, the global Swiss developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, has developed a new outdoor solution for fibre optic networks. The SYNO dome closure is revolutionising the assembly process. A modular system for cable entries eliminates the laborious task of threading fibre optic cables through the closure bottom plate. This product from R&M dispenses with time-consuming sealing using shrink tubes. Instead, integrated blocks made from the company’s own SYNO gel seal the splice closure.

The network is the primary resource of every network operator. The ideal scenario is when the infrastructure can be used as flexibly and as unlimitedly as possible. The SYNO dome closure from R&M meets these requirements. The development is based on the many years of experience gathered by the R&M R&D team in Wetzikon.

Syno Dome

A new feature sees cable entries positioned laterally in eight radially arranged bays in the closure duct. The cable entry kits are interchangeable and support any desired configurations as well as mixed assemblies of cables and micro ducts. This allows network operators to make more tailored plans at shorter notice.

Dome Closure with new seal
Dome Closure with New Seal for Fibre Optic Networks

With the new SYNO dome closure, the fibre optic cables are inserted laterally, doing away with the need to thread them through the closure bottom plate. The cable entries can be opened, closed, changed, and retrofitted in just a few simple steps. The cable bays and individual cables remain freely accessible, meaning that the dome closure can be modified or fitted with additional fibre optic cables even during network operations.

R&M supplies seven cable entry kits for one to 16 cables, optimized for all typical cable diameters. Cables up to 28 mm and micro ducts up to 14 mm in diameter fit in the kits, making the dome closure suited to virtually any application - for example as a distribution, branch, or cable joint closure.

Inside you will find R&M’s Single Circuit Management System with its scalable tray technology. The largest of the three dome closure models can hold up to 1,152 fibres and splices. A bending radius of 40 mm is gentle on fibres and is guaranteed regardless of packing density.

fibre optics syno dome

The SYNO gel technology developed by R&M is an innovation for mechanical cold sealing. When the cable entry is sealed, gel surrounds each cable, preventing dust and moisture from getting in. Fluctuating temperatures, mechanical loads, or water pressure cannot damage the dome-end splice in any way.

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