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There's never been a better time to upgrade your old tester.


The Offer


How to Claim


Free Fluke

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Terms & Conditions

For a limited time, Fluke Networks is offering up to £2500 trade-in discount on an old fibre certification tester. 

The Offer

You can get up to £2,000 trade-in discount on a new

OFP2-100-Q INT/T and CFP2-100-Q INT/T, when you return an

old fibre certification tester. Alternatively, if you return a copper certification tester including the optical loss testing module, your trade-in discount on our DSX2-5000QI INT/T will be up to £2,500. You can also trade in against versions including Gold Support.


The /T promo models are at a promotional price (list price less trade-in discount), so you will receive your new tester immediately at a discounted price. 


After that, the only thing left for you to do is return the old testers on time (see the terms & conditions for more information).

How to Claim





Place a purchase order for a version of one of the mentioned model numbers (ie. OFP2-100-Q/T, OFP2-100Q/GLD/T, CFP2-100-Q/T, CFP2-100Q/GLD/T, DSX2-5000Qi/T or DSX2-5000Qi/GLD/T) with Matrix Global Networks. When ordering one of the models, you’ll get the tester at a promotional price (list price less the trade-in discount) offering you instant gratification. 



Go to immediately after receiving your new cable tester to print the shipping document and label for your old tester. IMPORTANT: The shipping document contains a unique ID with which we track your shipment once it arrives in our warehouse. Customers outside the European Union should ship their tester with the DSXDeal shipping document to their distributor.



If the old tester is not returned within 30 days after the shipment date of the new tester, Fluke Networks we will invoice your distributor the amount of the trade-in after which the distributor will invoice you.

Free Fluke

Should you not have an old tester to return or simply want

to keep it, why not take advantage of Fluke's "Buy a Fluke, get a FREE Fluke" offer.

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Call 01908 951000

for more information

Terms & Conditions

Trade-In Terms and Conditions 

  • Discounts are incorporated in the prices of the model numbers listed above and cannot be claimed when purchasing any other Fluke Networks product.

  • Trade-in instruments that are being returned must have a similar functionality as those being purchased and can be of any make, any model. We only accept trade-in units that turn on, although the returned instrument may be defective. In case of disputes, Fluke Networks Marketing will determine if a returned tester will be considered functionally similar to the purchased Optifiber and Certifiber testers.

  • If old instruments are not returned within 30 days after the day that Fluke Networks shipped your new tester to your distributor, invoicing will occur of the already granted trade-in discount. 

  • The customer is responsible for shipping the old testers to Fluke Networks or, outside the European Union, to their distributor. The distributor will then arrange local recycling of the old equipment. 

  • This offer is valid in European Union, Norway, Switzerland, UK, Middle East, Africa and Turkey through participating distributors only, on purchases made between September 1, 2021 and December 15th, 2021. 

  • This trade-in promotion may not be used or combined with any other promotion or special discount offer. 

  • To the full extent allowed by applicable law, this offer is subject to change without notice.      

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