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Matrix Manufactures and Distributes Pre-Terminated Solutions

Matrix has formed a highly experienced team providing fast reliable manufacturing of fibre optic patch cords, pigtails, and multi-fibre cable assemblies including pre-terminated fibre optic cable assemblies (both internal and external/deployable applications) harnesses and trunk assemblies in the UK.

  • Reels

  • Protective Tubing

  • Pulling Eyes

  • Packaging optimised to ease installation on site

  • Labelling to your requirements to fast track deployment.


Matrix manufacture custom fibre optic patch cords , and assemblies. Our UK production facility supports one of the widest ranges of connector types, producing high quality, fully tested optical solutions. Our bespoke service provides quick-turn around and high quality products manufactured to your exact specification. We produce a comprehensive range of Pre-Terminated cables in both Singlemode and Multimode formats.

  • Automated polishing to improve quality and yield

  • Fibre Optic cable assemblies are 100% optically tested for insertion and return loss

  • Visually inspected at both low and high powered magnification to ensure end-face performance above and beyond standards

  • Interferometer testing for proper validation of end-face geometry

  • If required, results for all testing can be supplied for end-customer compliance

All standard configurations and custom configurations including LC, SC, E2, MTRJ, MU and MPO/MTP  are available for quick delivery to your  installation site and for rapid deployment. Cable is cut, prepared and connectors assembled in-house with quality controls in place to ensure cleanliness, epoxy management, crimp and assembly criteria are met. We use industry leading automated polishing machines to improve quality and yield reducing rework and over polishing issues.


All assemblies are 100% optically tested for insertion loss, and visually inspected at various magnifications to ensure the entire connector end-face performance above and beyond industry standards. We verify end face geometry through interferometer testing for apex offset, back reflection, fibre under-cut/protrusion and radius of curvature.


Matrix ensures that its insertion loss test leads are of the highest performance and launch conditions managed to give repeatable test results and increased accuracy. Several factors are critical overall transmission performance of your installed network. Matrix understands the correct technician workmanship, polishing processes, cleaning, epoxy handling, contaminant reduction and testing techniques required to deliver high-performance connections and reliable, fast turn-around UK-made cable assemblies.

Fibre Optic Product Offering:

LC, Uniboot LC, Mini-LC, SC, MTP MPO, FC, ST, MU, MTRJ

Breakout / Fanout
Multifibre / Trunk
Multifibre / Harnesses
Simplex / Duplex
Singlemode (OS2 G652/G657) / Multimode (OM4, OM3, OM2, OM1)


for surface inspection of end-face
geometry with real-time, reliable
measurement of apex offset, back
reflection, fibre under-cut/protrusion,
insertion and radius of curvature


High quality end-face visual inspection
microscope to ensure proper
illumination and the analysis of
connector end-face surfaces


Microprocessor, controlled fibre
polisher with programmable memory
that gives consistent high yields



Automated Polishing

Automated Polishing

Visual Inspection Microscopes

Visual Inspection Microscopes

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