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Compact RJ45 Coupler Cat6A

New 10 Gigabit Ethernet Coupler with fully shielded metal housing.

Compact RJ45 Coupler
Cat6A RJ45 Coupler

The new Cat. 6A coupler with zinc die-cast housing is one of the most compact RJ45 couplers on the market.

With the different adaptors (Key-Stone / Snap In / Adapter No.1 and Freenet) the coupler can be used in almost all platforms.

The requirements of the ISO/IEC 11801 standard of the EA Channel / Permanent Link and PoE class are met 100%.

It is, therefore, suitable for the fastest LAN transmission technology 10GBase-T.

The coupler is a problem solver for the following applications

a) Flexible workplace access with pre-assembled patch cords.

b) Extension of existing cabling

c) Preparation of consolidation point cables from patch cords

d) Coupling piece in Cross-Connects


  • High mechanical stability / Very compact

  • Basic interface DA (Direct Attached)

  • Adaptable adaptors (Freenet / Key-Stone / Snap In and Adapter No.1)

  • Can be used in almost all platforms

  • Complies with ISO/IEC 11801 standard

  • Requirements of standard 802.3bt for PoE are met

Available Adaptors

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