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Pre-terminated Assemblies

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Factory Terminated & Tested


Made to Order



Pre-terminated Assemblies

Ready for installation on arrival.

Matrix Global Networks offer custom, pre-terminated assemblies to match the requirements of your projects. Our UK production facility supports one of the widest ranges of connector types, producing high quality, fully tested optical solutions. Our service provides a quick turn-around and high quality products manufactured to your exact specifications. Our range of pre-terminated cables are produced in both singlemode and multimode.

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Factory Terminated & Tested


The Matrix Global Networks termination room, located at our Head Office in Milton Keynes.

Ensuring the highest quality optical performance.

We offer UK based termination, allowing for fast turn-around of fibre cables and patch cords. We take great care in testing every product before it is shipped directly to the job site, ensuring it is ready for installation upon arrival. All items are tested to guarantee low losses and end faces are inspected after polishing, to check the geometry and for any defects. This process certifies that our pre-terminated fibre meets the industry quality standards.


Our fibre polishers use a high speed turntable mechanism. 


Fibre is 100% inspected and tested, therefore guaranteed to meet industry standards.


End face inspections ensure terminated fibre meets quality standards. 

Pre-terminated Assemblies
Factory Terminated & Tested
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Made to Order

Assemblies to meet customer requirements.

The Matrix team work in partnership with our customers to ensure that our pre-terminated fibre cable meets their projects requirements. We supply a wide variety of cables and connectors and offer various tail configurations, including staggered and fan-out. Glands come pre-installed and a gland to gland measurement is used by default, unless otherwise specified on your order. 

LC, SC, FC, ST, E2000 (UPC OR APC) connector options available.

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FastFibre Manifolds

Designed and developed by Matrix Global Networks.

We work alongside our customers in the design and development of project specific products, providing the desired solutions to meet their requirements. Our newly developed fibre manifold makes efficient use of space and allows for quick installation. These, coupled with our most recent design of patch panel, create an unrivalled solution to fibre management. Our manifold's compatibility with our panels eliminate the need for glands, by simply slotting into the back and clicking securely into place.

Click here to view our range of patch panels.

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Manifolds designed to fit customer's pre-existing brackets. 

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Our manifolds are engineered to ensure the secure transition of the fibre cores from cable to 2mm or 2.4mm tails, configuarble to suit fibre counts from 4 to 48. 


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Solutions ready to install.

Our pre-terminated cable assemblies arrive "ready to go", making installation of optical fibre links easy, with no need to perform terminations on site. 

  • Plug and play terminations

  • Reduced installation time

  • Reduced waste - order exact materials required

  • Reduced overheads on fusion splicing technology or third party contractors

  • Ready for install on arrival

  • Fitted with pulling eye

Protective packaging and fitted pulling eye, in preparation for environments that require fibre to be pulled through. 

Made to Order

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