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Modular principle with snap-in assembly to ensure fast and reliable functionality.

All-round protection for fiber optic connections thanks to optimal routing and shielding.

Raceway users fulfill all the requirements of state-of-the-art cable routing from the very beginning.


The Fastest way to your goal.

Whether data center, central office or distribution site – the need for secure and powerful data transmission is growing all the time. Modern raceway systems are the ideal platform for integrating an ever greater number of fiber optic connections. The R&M Raceway System is an end-to-end solution on a modular basis for discerning customers. Quick mounting technology, simple planning and a well thought out, lean range are obvious benefits. These advantages of the R&M Raceway System help reduce assembly and maintenance by up to 50 %.

R&M Raceway Speed

Systematic raceway system

With the R&M Raceway System, users have the perfect end-to-end solution for the optimal routing of fiber optic cables. Raceway systems pick up the fiber optics at the building entry point and direct and distribute them reliably into the distributor halls and operative zones. The raceway installation guarantees all-round protection for the sen-sitive fiber optic cables. The modular principle of the R&M Raceway System also creates promising flexibility: The capacity of the network can easily be extended with simple add-ons.



Operational reliability at all times.

Security and reliability are the backbone of raceway systems. The basic guiding material for the optical fibers is indestructible PC/ABS plastic. The environmentally friendly, halogen-free material is shatter-proof, light-resistant and flame-retardant. Furthermore, its design guarantees a 30 mm bending radius – which is important for maximum network availability. This structure guarantees optimal security and reliability and withstands all typical climatic and electric dangers.

R&M Raceway Stability

Fast and reliable routing

Routing cables using the R&M Raceway System is like a clear racing circuit. Because performance for fiber optics is not just a question of security and reliability – but also of speed. This is how raceway sys-tems guarantee top data speed over voluminous main ducts, narrow secondary lines, curves, crossings and exits. Up to 6000 patch cords with 2 mm cable diameter are kept on track at all times.


Dynamism is the key feature in all public and private broadband networks. Their infrastructure is frequently confronted with growing bundles of top-quality optical fibers. Installing an additional exit without causing any downtime is becoming ever more important. Raceway systems enable spontaneous express exits at any point of the main duct. The fast and inexpensive installation takes place directly using the snap-in connections – without the need for any extra special tools. This is how R&M supports users to fulfill all the requirements of modern cable routing from the very beginning.

Consistently efficient.

R&M Raceway Lead


Top performance – perfectly integrated

Fiber optics are challenging. But in return they bring decades of top performance and are thus a transmission medium for the future. In raceway systems, fiber optics do a valuable job – completely separated from other media, with all-round protection from the environment. All protection, safety and installation features from R&M ensure users are ready to flexibly face new developments. This is the way to reliably integrate the future.


•   Modular principle facilitates promising expansions with snap-in assembly.
•   All-round protection for fiber optic connections thanks to optimal routing and shielding.
•   Environmentally friendly materials – halogen-free, flame-retardant and UV-resistant                        (UL94 V-0, UL2024).
•   Guaranteed 30 mm bending radius ensures constant stable signal transmission.
•   The efforts and costs of assembly and maintenance can be reduced by up to 50 %.

At a glance.

R&M Raceway Benefits



The Raceway system is designed for routing optical fibre cabling safely between fibre distribution frames or termination equipment, patch panels and inter connecting cabinets.


The Raceway system offers a quick snap feature that can be quickly installed without any special tools, saving time and money and is available in 6 sizes which lends itself to a variety of applications.

The Raceway can be easily mounted above equipment racks or below floors.

Fibre Raceway Products
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