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Product Design


Product Development


Fast Prototyping

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Pre Assembly

Product Design

Evaluation, Concept Design, Detail Design, Manufacturing.

We take ideas and turn them into realistic, workable solutions that bring our customers a competitive advantage. One of the key aspects our product design process is looking at an idea from different perspectives and therefore ensure we have considered every possibility. This is achieved by brainstorming as many creative alternative solutions as possible before viewing each of these through the eyes of our customers. Finding a unique functionality that suits our target market and sets a product apart from the competition, is what transforms a good product into a great product, that stands out in the marketplace. 


Our design team uses SolidWorks to produce detailed 3D CAD models.


Product Development

Bespoke Solutions for all Industries and Applications

Our product design team combine vast industry and product expertise with the resources and capacity to develop virtually any fibre optic product that your application requires. Our product development specialists are specifically focused on establishing high quality products that meet our customers' project requirements. Our product development services incorporate some of the latest in 3D modelling technology coupled with precision fibre processing and physical component manufacturing.

Our arsenal of 3D printers allow for fast prototyping and print on demand services.

Product Design
Product Development

Fast Prototyping

Create, Evaluate, Enhance.

Matrix has the ability to quickly produce prototypes, on the path to providing effective solutions for our customers. Firstly, the basic requirements of the product are identified, allowing our team produce detailed 3D Computer Assisted Design (CAD) models in preparation for printing. Once we have produced the physical product, it can then undergo evaluations and if required, be altered or enhanced. This guarantees that once the prototyping process has been completed, our customers are presented with a high quality, approved product.


FastFibre Breakout Module - Designed and developed by

Matrix Global Networks.


Polymerisation is accelerated using curing ovens, improving the strength and durability of the materials.

Pre Assembly

Pre-assembled patch panels, for projects of any scale.

Matrix has a large in-house production facility at our Head Office in Milton Keynes, providing us with the flexibility to cater for projects of any scale. Our dedicated team of vastly skilled and experienced fibre optic technicians guarantee high quality, pre-assembled patch panels.


The Matrix team can provide high quality, pre-assembled, fibre optic patch panels.

Fast Prototyping
Product Assembly

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