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Infrastructure Solutions for Data Centres

Completely integrated solutions from cabling, racks, enclosures and cooling to digital infrastructure management.

Wetzikon, August 16, 2022. R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, will in future provide complete infrastructures for data center providers. The expanded offering is aimed at operators of cloud, colocation, edge and corporate data centers.

R&M manufactures the core elements for computer rooms in 14 proprietary plants worldwide. They are compiled to create project-specific solutions. «What is new is that we are merging the value-added chain within the R&M Group and offering integrated infrastructures from a single source. Our central production control system, the global supply chain and local technical support all play a supporting role. This makes it possible to flexibly design technical solutions, as well as determine delivery dates and costs,» says Carsten Ludwig, R&M Market Manager Data Centers.

R&M is convinced that it has implemented an innovative and competitive model for integrated data center infrastructure solutions. For many years R&M has been supporting data center providers around the world with solutions for high-performance connectivity, cabling, network distributors and infrastructure management. Following the acquisition of several manufacturers as part of the global data center growth strategy, R&M is now expanding its range of services for sophisticated data center solutions.

Equipped for 800 Gigabit, «green data centers» and increasing security requirements

Carsten Ludwig: «With integrated data center infrastructure solutions from R&M, data centers are equipping themselves for the future. This enables them to overcome the challenges of growing data traffic.» The systems on offer support future technology generations such as 400 and 800 Gigabit Ethernet with their high density fiber optic cabling. The portfolio also includes energy-saving cooling solutions for server cabinets and enclosures in the «green data center». Due to the increased use of modular data center solutions in the edge area of DC topology, the demand for additional monitoring approaches is increasing. These have to report all relevant KPIs of the installation to the Operations Manager in real time to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction.

The R&M range also includes copper and fiber optic connectivity, cabling and distributors, cabinets and customer-specific enclosures. Active and current-carrying infrastructure elements also include sensors and fire protection, monitoring and security systems, PDU and UPS. The in-house infrastructure and asset management software inteliPhy net completes the range of services.

«We integrate our expertise and services in the same way,» adds Carsten Ludwig. The services include consulting, project management, training, construction of one-of-a-kind products, pre-assembly of entire modules, logistics, formal acceptance measurements, documentation, operation and maintenance of infrastructures.

Relieving the burden for customers

«Today, we can design individual cabinets, rows of cabinets, corridors, enclosures or even entire computer rooms.

R&M teams assemble the cabling, patch panels and optical distribution frames in the tried-and-tested way. R&M compiles suitable solutions from the portfolio depending on the application, category, size and premises of the planned data center or the data center to be expanded. Our customers don't have to search through catalogs, buy single parts, configure distributors or calculate attenuation budgets. Those responsible can use their time more effectively,» explains Carsten Ludwig.

As a competent solution provider, R&M supports data center providers from the initial planning stage through to ongoing operation. The aim is the fast, smooth integration of all infrastructure elements required for operational business and upcoming migrations.

New products in the range

The R&M portfolio for data centers focuses on seven product lines:

  • The Netscale family with patch panels for medium to highest packing density

  • The PRIME main distributor (Optical Distribution Frame) for connection in the meet-me room

  • Quick-release fiber optic connectors for highly compact patch panels with optimized design for xSFP connections

  • A complete Cat. 8.1 copper cabling system

  • Bladeshelter cabinets and complete enclosures with energy-saving airflow, cooling and room monitoring

  • The R&MinteliPhy monitoring system for comprehensive documentation of the complete infrastructure cabling

  • The inteliPhy net software for automated infrastructure, capacity and asset management

Fourteen plants worldwide

The R&M Group now includes two manufacturers of cabinets and enclosures for computer rooms: Tecnosteel S.r.l., headquartered in Italy, was acquired in early 2022 and Durack Intelligent Electric Co. Ltd., headquartered in China, was acquired in 2019. A manufacturer of fiber optic cables was acquired in the Czech Republic in 2018. The headquarters in Switzerland and ten other plants around the world manufacture and assemble products for copper and fiber optic cabling in accordance with uniform R&M quality standards. The largest site is the Fiber Optic Competence Center in Bulgaria.



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