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R&M Integrates the Miniature Connectors CS, SN and MDC

The packing density of the fibre optic distribution platforms Netscale 72 and Netscale 48 can be tripled. Data centers can use their space even more efficiently.

Wetzikon, June 16, 2022. R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is opening the Netscale platform for the latest fiber optic miniature connectors. Trays of the high-density distributor Netscale 72 and the mixed media distributor Netscale 48 can now be equipped with connector types CS, SN and MDC. This enables data centers to triple the number of connections per height unit in 19" racks. This comparison is based on LC connectors. Netscale 72 offers the highest packing density in its class.

With Netscale 72 and the new miniature connectors CS, SN and MDC, data center providers will utilize their valuable space and racks even more efficiently. R&M emphasizes that this represents a fundamental optimization of the ratio of cost and surface area. For example, they can set up four channels per module to create links with 4 x 100G or 4 x 400G. Such solutions will be in demand for the upcoming migration to 400 Gigabit Ethernet networks. With the launch of the VSFF connector in Netscale 48, the market is being offered a unique range of connection technology on one platform – from RJ45 through optical single and multi-fiber connectors to miniature connectors. This means that all current and future challenges in data centers and especially in edge applications can be addressed.

Accurate access

Despite the high port density, network technicians can easily plug in and unplug the patch cords with CS, SN and MDC connectors. They can be patched individually. A long shaft and non-slip strain relief sleeve ensure accurate handling. With the help of the DCIM program inteliPhy net from R&M, connections in data centers can automatically be monitored remotely and patch orders can be managed.

The new miniature connectors belong to the VSFF (Very Small Form Factor) class. The manufacturer Senko developed the two new duplex types, CS and SN (Senko Nano). They can terminate up to 432 fibers in one height unit. The MDC (Mini Duplex Connector) is made by US Conec. MDC connectors make it possible to connect up to 432 fibers in a 19" height unit.

Migration simplified

Netscale 72 supports the parallel optical cabling types BASE8 and BASE12. This means that distribution modules for both applications fit into the same drawers. Users only have to change or add the trays. This means they can easily migrate to faster networks such as 400 Gigabit Ethernet.

One 19" height unit contains six Netscale 72 drawers. They open on each side, allowing technicians to work on individual connections without having to unplug others.

Simple handling is also of great importance with Netscale 48. The tray slots are equipped with the pre-terminated trays from the rear and facilitate simple patching from the front. The trays offer the various application possibilities corresponding configurations to accommodate trunks, as a pre-terminated version for fast and neat installation or as a splice variant for accommodating fibers.

Loose tube, micro duct, mini-core and ribbon cables can be attached to the splice trays. This allows data centers to remain independent in their choice of cabling.

R&M delivers Netscale 72 modules and the modules for Netscale 48 pre-terminated. This saves considerable installation time.

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