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R&M Increases Production of Fibre Optic Cables

Cable plant in the Czech Republic to be expanded further. Expertise in cable production and fibre optics combined. Ready-to-install cabling and pre-terminated cable assemblies in demand.

The R&M cable plant in the Czech Republic manufactures standard and special fiber optic cables for a wide variety of markets and application areas. R&M bundles its know-how in cable production and fiber optic connectivity to manufacture pre-terminated, ready-to-install cable assemblies. Image: R&M

Wetzikon/Děčín, November 18, 2021. R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is expanding its production capacities at the cable plant in Děčín, Czech Republic. By the end of 2022, R&M will be investing several million Swiss francs in new production facilities for fiber optic cables.

The plant has been working at maximum capacity since it was taken over by R&M in 2018. «As expected, the high demand for fiber optic cabling is continuing. This is why we are expanding and optimizing our cable production,» says Andreas Rüsseler, CMO R&M.

Telecom, Internet, and cloud industries are continuing to invest more in the expansion of fiber optic networks. The 5G ecosystem is also growing. 5G expansion requires tightly meshed fiber optic networks between antennas, core networks, and edge data centers. Other growth markets that require new, high-performance FO networks are smart cities, smart buildings, smart mobility, health care, and automated factories.

R&M integrated the cable plant in Děčín into the Group in 2018 to expand its portfolio of network and connection technology.

Proprietary cable plant makes R&M independent

«Our own cable plant with more than 50 experienced specialists makes us independent and responsive. Together with our fiber optic plants in Switzerland and abroad, any fiber optic assemblies, special assemblies, or project-related complete packages for medium and large network rollouts can be offered from a single source,» emphasizes Andreas Rüsseler. In the future, the plant will operate in three shifts in order to further boost production capacity and quickly meet increased demand.

In addition to standard fiber optic cables, R&M also supplies customer-specific designs with special cable structures as well as entire data center network infrastructures for cloud, colocation, and edge applications. At the same time, R&M supplies the telecommunications, mobile communications, and 5G market, metro networks, and Internet exchanges with fiber optic cables. Other sales markets include solutions for the access network, Fiber to the Home connections (FTTH), local data networks (LAN), and FO-based solutions for building automation.

R&M also supports the evolution of buildings into smart buildings. The cabling program is designed for All-over-IP building automation. It ranges from the building entry point (BEP) through structured cabling systems and digital-ceiling infrastructure to Single Pair Ethernet for the Internet of Things.

Ready-to-install cabling in demand

«The market demands ready-to-install, tailor-made and, above all, short-term deliveries, because there is a shortage of expert personnel, precision tools, measuring equipment and the time to splice on construction sites,» reports Andreas Rüsseler. «We are bundling our expertise in cable production, fiber optic connectivity, and fiber optic distribution technology so that customers and project managers no longer have to worry about the details of the cabling.»

Assemblies that are ready for installation are equipped with R&M connectors manufactured in-house and are delivered factory-tested. The portfolio of pre-terminable products includes MPO trunk cables, breakout cables, harness cables, and multifiber cables, patch cords, and pigtails. In addition to standard 19” splice panels, R&M also assembles highly compact distribution modules and optical main distribution systems (ODF) for telecom and data center applications.

R&M uses cables that have been optimized for the company’s own connectors and their assembly process. In this way, tolerances and attenuation losses can be avoided. «We apply industry-leading quality standards in the manufacture and assembly of cables and connectivity. In this way, the criteria of high-performance and premium applications are met,» emphasizes Andreas Rüsseler.

Innovations such as low-shrink cables developed

As a driver of innovation, R&M is advancing cable technology, for example by developing low-shrink cables. New plastics and improved manufacturing processes are used to positively influence cable shrinkage.

R&M has been particularly successful with so-called microcables, which are optimized for blowing into buried pipes. The plant in the Czech Republic also makes underground, drop, and aerial cables for all types of underground and above-ground installation as well as for harsh operating conditions such as environments subject to chemical, mechanical, and climatic stress. The production and development program also includes cables with enhanced operational reliability and safety (increased fire classification).

Rodents that like to eat underground cables can be deterred by robust cable constructions. R&M offers cables with steel strip reinforcements, glass roving in several layers of thickness, and protection with fiber-reinforced plastic rods.

Another project is aimed at optimizing the fire behavior of cables. New, long-term fire-resistant, and low-emission cables that meet the increasing safety requirements of the market are also available from R&M.

Uncompromising quality in fiber optic cables

In the coming decades, fiber optic networks will have to transfer previously unimaginable volumes of data without loss. This is why cable design, manufacturing quality, material and the operational life of fiber optic cables play a decisive role. Here, too, the focus is on uncompromising quality. This is proven by 15 ISO, EN, and IEC certificates and 68 performance declarations from the cable plant in the Czech Republic.

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