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Simpler Planning of Data Center Cabling

R&M is expanding inteliPhy net with tools for planners and service providers in the data center industry.

Wetzikon, November 16, 2021. Data center cabling has just become simpler to plan. R&M, the globally active developer and provider of cabling systems for high-quality network infrastructures, based in Wetzikon, Switzerland, is expanding its DCIM software inteliPhy net for just that purpose. It is being equipped with self-explanatory tools with which data center planners and service providers can design and organize network infrastructures.

«inteliPhy net has established itself as universal software for Data Center Infrastructure Management because it is surprisingly easy to use. The product covers operational requirements from the individual connector to the dashboard. With inteliPhy net, R&M is extending the application possibilities in the development process of a data center. A single and extremely simple software for managing data centers, from planning through to the documentation and monitoring of the IT infrastructure in day-to-day operations. «This solution will simplify a number of business processes and generally make our lives easier,» says Carsten Ludwig, R&M Market Manager Data Center. R&M is offering a free trial version of the software online.

Three-dimensional display

Some basic data is all that is needed for inteliPhy net to visualize a computer room with all its details in three dimensions. The software has a comprehensive component library for the setup of a data center. There are templates for rack types, active devices, patch panels, and other components of the passive and active infrastructures. It includes data on weight, size, ports, slots, feed connections, performance, and consumption. Rack layouts, parts lists, connection lists, and similar planning data can be determined with inteliPhy net.

Users can create metamodels and save them for future planning. A metamodel includes, for example, a pre-configured device with various plug-in cards or a completely assembled and wired cabinet. Planning can be combined with site information, campus, and building plans.

Simple DCIM software

inteliPhy net is a deliberately simple and self-explanatory software for centralized Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM). It was developed on the basis of decades of R&M experience in the planning and cabling of data centers. R&M launched inteliPhy net in 2019. Areas of application include colocation, edge and enterprise data centers, local data networks, and smart buildings.

inteliPhy net offers functions such as connection, device, and capacity management of networks, cabinets, spaces, and power supply. The software inventories the IT equipment and applications. All network connections can be tracked in real-time to the individual ports. inteliPhy net automatically updates the connection plans when devices are installed or connections are changed. The software is used to plan maintenance work or change processes, generate reports, and carry out audits. The program generates assignments, distributes them, and monitors their execution. Real-time data can be captured via SNMP and integrated into the application.

Configurable graphics help users to visualize information from the data center according to their own needs and indicators. This allows them to grasp the situation in their data center at a glance. You can display and validate physical connections from end to end, assign devices and link them via drag & drop.

Real-time monitoring of connections

The software is compatible with inteliPhy Monitor, the R&M platform for automated infrastructure management (AIM) and real-time monitoring of connections. The hardware side consists of sensor strips on the patch panels, RFID tags on the connectors, and analyzers in the computer room. They ensure seamless monitoring, status recording, and signaling on site.

R&M offers a brownfield service to upgrade patch panels of any manufacturer for monitoring with inteliPhy Monitor.

The R&M headquarters in Wetzikon and qualified partners support inteliPhy users with service packages. Support ranges from the planning of infrastructure management and user training to the ongoing operation of network monitoring and hardware maintenance.

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