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Fluke Versiv, DSX5000, Certifiber Pro, FI7000, Optifiber Pro


8 Reasons demonstrating that upgrading to Versiv will “Cut Your Certification Cost by 65%"

Fluke Faster Set up Time
Fluke Cutting Cost

REASON #1 why upgrading to Versiv™ will cut your certification cost:


Versiv’s ProjX™ Management System makes setup easy and foolproof…

…store up to 100 projects and up to 12,000 measurement results in the tester!

Fluke Faster Set Up Time DSX 5000
Fluke Faster Set Up Certifiber Pro
  • Enter the testing details for the job once, and your techs are given the choice of only the correct tests for that job.

  • The Linkware™ Live cloud service even lets you set up your tester without bringing them back to the office.

Fluke Faster Logo
Fluke Reasons Number 1
  • Enter data many times faster through a modern smartphone interface instead of hunting and pecking with the DTX’s arrow keys.

Fluke Faster Set Up Video

REASON #2 why upgrading to Versiv™ will cut your certification cost:

Faster testing


Copper and fibre tests now being executed…

…in only a few seconds!

3x Faster Fluke Testing DSX 5000
4x FasterTesting Fluke Certifiber Pro
7x Faster Fluke Testing Optifiber Pro

The DSX-8000 test a 

Cat 6A/Classe Ea link in 8 seconds, 3x faster than the DTX-1800 (22’s)!

The OptiFiber Pro OTDR tests a fibre (per wavelength)

in 2 seconds, 7x faster

than the DTX OTDR (15s)!

The Certifiber Pro tests a fibre (bidirectionally, dual wavelength

and length) in 3 seconds,

4x faster and a DTX!

3x faster

7x faster

4x faster

Fluke 7 x FasterTesting
Fluke 4 x Faster Testing
Fluke 3 x FasterTesting
Fluke Faster Testing Video

Eight Reasons Why Versiv™ Cuts Certification Costs by 65%

Curious to learn how? Download this WP to learn about the Eight Reasons Why Versiv™ Cuts Certification Costs by 65%.

Fluke White Paper
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